Tree Removal in the Snow

Jesus!!!  Oh, that’s me.  But seriously….JESUS CHRIST!!!!  It showed today and I’m not kidding you when I say, people are idiots when it snows!!

I got called to this house first thing in the morning because the snow overnight was pretty heavy and this tree wasn’t having it!

GV Tree Service - northern virginia

Driving to this house was an absolute nightmare!  When the easiest thing about your day is climbing icy trees with a chainsaw in hand???  You know people suck!

I drove 10 miles an hour on a wet, not icy, not snowy, interstate.  Behind old ladies, foreigners, and people who have no idea how to drive when it rains…never the less when it snows.  Then I just HAPPENED to check my rearview mirror and I see this absolute TOOL driving up on me about about 75 miles an hour!  He rear ends me and his excuse was…”Dude, I didn’t know you would be stopped on the interstate!”

This 20 year old kid was cocky and arrogant.  I called the cops and did my best to get him arrested – no luck.  But I’ll be damned if I’m not going to sue his ass for damages!!  My neck hurts, my back hurts and my company truck is 4 feet shorter!


I’m a Tree Guy

So part of being in this family means that I have to be a tree guy.  My dad was a tree trimmer, he dad was a tree trimmer…and I’m not sure about before that, but I’m pretty sure they were tree guys, too.

The last thing you would expect guys like me to do is travel to a seminar – or I guess a “conference” to be more specific.  We’re not sitting-in-a-classroom kinda guys.  We work outside and we get nervous sitting inside a temperature-controlled room.  We love the heat…the rain…the snow…and any other weather disturbance you want to send our way.  Heck…crazy weather means money for us!

But today I’m sitting in a conference room in Springfield, Virginia with several other arborists learning about the latest equipment and safety regulations.

I met a guy named Mario who could have passed for my twin brother!  Good guy…he owns G&V Tree and Landscaping Service.  He owns this new wood chipper that made me just a little bit excited.  It’s $350k though.  WHAAAT??  Yep, over a quarter-million for this bad boy!  I might as well buy another house.

Mario showed me the ins and outs of this thing. It’s huge!  It’s a 50/48B Whole Tree Drum Chipper and it’s a beast!  Unfortunately it’s also more than I need.

But if you are ever in Springfield, look up Mario.  He does Tree Removal in Northern VA so just look him up.  Maybe he’ll show you his wood shredder!

Jesus is Hay Zeus

Why is it so hard for Spanish parents to understand how hard it is to be named Jesus?  Every try to google someone name Jesus?  All you get are bible versus, Christian blogs, and Family Guy videos.

Everywhere I go people get a laugh when they hear my name.  They’re like “Hey!  It’s Jesus! Hi Jesus!  You’re back!”  LOL

Ugh.  Yeah, yeah.  I’ve never heard that one before.  I didn’t know that I had the same name as the son of god.  Golly…say it again!  Again!!!

So to my mother and father…c’mon man!  I know my grandfather is Jesus and he was a great man.  And I know that being named after him is a great honor. But his middle name is Miguel…you couldn’t name me Miguel?

Getting through grade school was the worst.  Even the teachers would giggle and laugh on the first day when they would take roll call.   They would mispronounce my name…I’m convinced on purpose…and then they whole class would laugh and look at me.  I would smile and not and shake my head like it was still funny after the 10,000,000,101,010th time.  Sheesh.

So the next time you run into a Jesus…say it right.  Hay Zues.  Not Jee-zuz.  Not cool.

Oh yeah, being the actual Jesus is hard, too.