Jesus is Hay Zeus

Why is it so hard for Spanish parents to understand how hard it is to be named Jesus?  Every try to google someone name Jesus?  All you get are bible versus, Christian blogs, and Family Guy videos.

Everywhere I go people get a laugh when they hear my name.  They’re like “Hey!  It’s Jesus! Hi Jesus!  You’re back!”  LOL

Ugh.  Yeah, yeah.  I’ve never heard that one before.  I didn’t know that I had the same name as the son of god.  Golly…say it again!  Again!!!

So to my mother and father…c’mon man!  I know my grandfather is Jesus and he was a great man.  And I know that being named after him is a great honor. But his middle name is Miguel…you couldn’t name me Miguel?

Getting through grade school was the worst.  Even the teachers would giggle and laugh on the first day when they would take roll call.   They would mispronounce my name…I’m convinced on purpose…and then they whole class would laugh and look at me.  I would smile and not and shake my head like it was still funny after the 10,000,000,101,010th time.  Sheesh.

So the next time you run into a Jesus…say it right.  Hay Zues.  Not Jee-zuz.  Not cool.

Oh yeah, being the actual Jesus is hard, too.